Our process consists of FIVE stages. Each of the stages is further broken down into a series of steps and each of the steps has a group of parameters which need to be met. Details will vary from client to client and NOT ALL COMPONENTS are applicable to all projects and sequence is not specific, however, whether the site is for ecommerce, information, or personal presentation, the process from point A to point Z essentially follows the same route.

Stage ONE is defining the project through DISCOVERY, PLANNING and CLARIFICATION.

DISCOVERY is (1/1)
1. gathering information,
2. understanding the audience,
3. identifying the programming needs and
4. analyzing your particular industry

PLANNING (1/2) involves
1. setting a budget
2. creating schedules
3. assigning a project team
4. planning for user testing
5. assembling a project plan

1. determining overall goals
2. preparing a creative brief

In stage TWO we start to DEVELOP the site structure by addressing the presentation of CONTENT, SITE and PAGE.

CONTENT-VIEW (2/1) encompasses
1. addressing content
2. auditing existing content
3. outlining content and
4. creating a content delivery plan

SITE-VIEW (2/2) explores
1. site mapping
2. addressing existing site organization
3. setting nameing conventions

PAGE-VIEW (2/3) covers
1. wireframing
2. addressing navigation
3. naming and labeling
4. defining key user tasks

Stage THREE is the VISUAL DESIGN and testing phase. This consists of CREATING, CONFIRMING and HANDING OFF.

CREATING (3/1) involves
1. the review of site goals
2. developing concepts
3. presenting the design and
4. gathering feedback

CONFIRMING (3/2) is the actual
1. creation of the betasite
2. and testing functionality

in HANDING OFF (3/3)
1. we create the graphic templates
2. and produce a design style guide

Stage FOUR is the PRODUCTION phase. We move forward with the PREP stage, start BUILDING and get to the TESTING.

In PREP (4/1) we
1. finesse the guidelines.
2. address project status
3. and set the file structure into action

during the BUILDING (4/2) phase
1. we slice and optimize graphics
2. create the HTML pages
3. implement select scripting
4. populate the pages
5. refine backend development

in the TESTING (4/3) step we
1. conduct testing
2. on a variety of platforms
3. during which we prioritize and fix bugs
4. and conduct a final check

Stage FIVE is the LAUNCH which also projects to DELIVERY and MAINTENANCE

The LAUNCH (5/1) steps
1. preparing an announcement
2. registering with search engines
3. making the site live

in DELIVERY (5/2)
1. we complete the style guide
2. create the handoff packet
3. archive documentation
4. conduct postmortem meeting

MAINTENANCE (5/3) covers
1. assessment of maintenance team capabilities
2. develop a maintenance plan
3. confirm site security

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