Ceramics from the fifty year Eismont collection of artworks of the known and unknown.

T H E   C O L L E C T I O N

left: Michael Simon, box, c1990s, (SOLD). center: Richard Batterham, covered jar, c1970s, $225. right: Sandy Simon, earthenware teapot, c2000s, (on hold)

left: Mary Barringer, plate, c2000s, $100. center: Mary Barringer, rattle, c2000s, $150. right: Mary Barringer, plate, c2000s, $100

left: Finn Alban, porcelain mug, salt glaze, fumed, c1970s, $100. center: Ron Meyers, earthenware bowl, c1980s, $200. right: Mark Pharis, cup, c2000s, $200

left: Warren MacKenzie, bowl with spout, c2000s, $525. center: bowl, c2000s, shino, paddled pattern, boat shape, Lacoste Gallery exhibition purchase, (no stamp) $675. right: bowl, c1970s, repair on rim, (no stamp), $100

left: Warren MacKenzie, porcelain covered jar, c2000s, $475. center: bowl with handles, salt-glazed?, c1970s, (rare double stamp, second stamp is Stillwater Pottery) SOLD. right: small bowl, c1990s, (no stamp) $235

left: Warren MacKenzie, porcelain cutlery strainer, c1970s, (damaged foot, usage signs, not repaired) $250. center: small bowl, c2000s, $200. right: bowl, 1972, (rare glaze usage, made at Penland summer of 1972, rare double stamp, Mac’s Penland stamp), NFS

left: Warren MacKenzie, vase, c1972s, (rare glaze usage, made at Penland, no stamp) NFS. center: small covered jar, c2000s, $275. right: small pitcher, salt-glazed? (similar glaze to bowl with handles), c1970s, $300

left: Gerry Williams, yunomi, c1990s, $160. center: vase, c1990s, $675. right: John Malby, basket with overglaze enamels(?), c1980, $600

left: Randy Johnston, soy bottle, c1980s, $325. center: Jane Shellenbarger, soy bottle with lid, $225. right: Shawn Ireland, soy bottle, c1980s, $175

left: soy bottle, unknown maker, wood-fired, $175. center: Jeff Oestreich, soy bottle with lid, $225. right: Eismont, soy bottle, c1980s, $100

left: soy bottle, unknown maker, wood-fired, $175. center: soy bottle, unknown maker, wood-fired, $175. right: Ruggles/Rankin, soy bottle, c1980s, $225

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